Can the Yankees Get Didi on the Dotted Line?

I think I speak for most Yankees fans on this when I say we LOVE Didi Gregorius. The guy has been nothing but the perfect successor for Derek Jeter and has actually exceeded expectations.

From his performance on the field – both offensively and defensively, impact in the clubhouse and fun loving personality, Didi has truly transformed himself into one of the most beloved Yankees of this current generation. Exhibit A was his first postseason at bat as a Yankee:

However, MY SHORTSTOP is a pending free agent come this winter. Aside from getting Dellin and Severino ready for October and getting home field advantage through the playoffs, Didi’s contract and future with the Yankees stands as the biggest story-line remaining.

One would think a contract lesser than Xander Bogaerts’ in Boston (six years @ $120 million) is a reasonable starting point for Gregorius. I don’t see why a five year deal around $15 – 20 million a year doesn’t get the job done. But what happens if a) Didi wants more than that? or b) they have eyes on another shortstop? Lets dissect:

A) Being realistic, Didi is NOT better than Xander Bogearts and shouldn’t top the contract Bogaerts received from the Red Sox. This isn’t slander, either. Didi is older than Xander and has worse offensive numbers. Plus, I see Didi as the type who loves putting on the pinstripes and accepting a fair market deal would be mutually beneficial for both sides.

B) The Yankees would technically have a great infield next year even without Didi moving forward. Gleyber Torres would simply move to short and DJ LeMahieu would become the full-time second baseman. However, this would weaken the Yanks versatility by forcing DJLMHU into one position. His “Ben Zobrist” role for this team this season has been the perfect antidote for the multitude of injuries the Yankees have had to endure. And then there’s outside factors that might be hard to ignore….

Now this would be a bombshell. Lindor is arguably a top 10 player in the game and is even younger than Bogaerts. However, the Yankees would have to trade for him (it’d cost a TON -> Clint, Andujar, Deivi might not even be enough) AND sign him to a MASSIVE contract that would surely be over $200 million. If the Yankees crash out in October, watch this space very, very closely…

Up until a decision happens, Didi’s future will continue to be the elephant in the room. This is where I stand on the situation:

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