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Like the Red Sox attempts to add bullpen arms, this article is a little passed the deadline…..


Since our last encounter, the Yankees have been CARRIED by Gio Urshela (surprising but not totally surprising) and Mike Tauchman (completely surprising). This team’s DNA this year has been all about the guys who shouldn’t be here, playing massive roles, and having their fingerprints all over the American League’s best record. Think about it like this – DJ LeMahieu – you know? The MVP candidate DJLMHU – didn’t even start on Opening Day! He was originally supposed to be the Ben Zobrist for this team playing maybe five out of seven days. Love this team even if nothing else matters until October. Below is a delightful thread of Gio and Tauchman doing their absolute thing this past week:

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While the Yankees have the resources to withstand catastrophic injuries to key players, the Rays should not, right? Wrong. Somehow without Tyler Glasnow (one half of the Chris Archer trade fleecing) and Yandy Diaz, the Rays find themselves in the playoffs as of today. And still, the Rays find themselves as one of the AL Wild Card teams today.

This team is consistently a threat and that is a testament to one of the best run Front Office’s in the league. Led by Chaim Bloom (whom the Mets should’ve chosen for GM over BVW), the Rays are in great hands and that won’t change anytime soon. What should / needs to change soon is the location of the team….

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Bo sure does know, huh? My goodness what a start to his career for Dante’s so ! This is what we envisioned Vlad Jr. doing when he first came up…

Any who, the youth movement is in full effect north of the border. I’m looking forward to seeing Nate Pearson be next year’s Chris Paddack. The Jays will be in good shape in short order with these kids. 

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Tough week. After I pulled the unbelievable gambling feat of winning money betting ON the Orioles two days in a row, the Orioles imploded at home to the division leading Yankees of New York. 

It’s about that time to readjust the goal posts here. Obviously, with being swept by the Yankees, the division title is out of the question. Real bummer. So like any good delusional fan, it’s time to reset expectations for the 2019 season and I don’t want to pay myself on the back but I think I nailed it. 

Just don’t get eliminated from the playoffs until September. If we are mathematically alive on September first, then the season was a success. Well not a success but you get the point. It won’t be a huge embarrassing failure.

Well, it already is a huge embarrassing failure. The Orioles set the record for most HRs allowed in a season back in early June, the Yankees set a season record at Camden Yards for HRs hit in a ballpark, and from Monday to Wednesday the Os gave up 32 runs. 32!! It’s almost gotten to the point where I’m rooting for them to set all horrific records that are usually only found in Peter Gammons’ nightmares. Like the hell with it, if we’re gonna suck then let’s be the suckiest bunch of suckers who ever sucked.

So let’s strap in, buck up, and hope that either the Orioles can win enough games or that the Yankees can lose enough games to have this season reach Labor Day. 

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