AL East Friday’s (on Sunday): Post Deadline Edition


Well, the MLB trade deadline has passed, and the Yanks are going to roll with who they got internally – no outside help, whatsoever. I’m annoyed at it but I’m at peace with it (kinda). The mission now is to win the division and best record in the AL to make life a bit more difficult on the Astros.

Aside from the main goal, there are a few things I’d like to see the Yanks do before October:

  • Call up Clint Frazier
    • I know, I know. The dude’s a pain in the ass and is worthless but can he fucking hit. With Luke Voit’s expected absence with a core muscle injury, there is NO excuse for Clint to be toiling away in the minors. Split first base with DJLM and EE and have Clint assume the majority of DH duties.
  • Call up Deivi Garcia
    • If this kid is SO worth holding onto and dominating the minors, let’s get him up to the big club and be a factor. Doesn’t necessarily need to be now, but he needs to be up at some time in September and be eligible for October. If he clearly doesn’t have it and needs more seasoning in the minors, fine. That’s what the September audition would show us.
  • Get Dellin and Sevy right
    • These two pitchers will essentially make or break the Yankees season. If they are their effective, normal selves, the Yanks are in good shape of at least competing with the Astros and the rest of the AL contenders. However, should they prove to be unsalvageable this year, I don’t see how the Yankees can pitch themselves to the World Series. The bats are already being asked to carry this team to October, I’m not sure they’ll be able to sustain that level throughout the playoffs…

On my end, I need to get myself to be as optimistic and positive as Zack Britton about facing a three headed monster:

  • Patty

Red Sox

In a shocking non-move, the Boston Red Sox made no efforts to improve the team’s atrocious bullpen at the trade deadline and didn’t make a single transaction. PBO Dave Dombrowski and Manager Alex Cora both affirmed their confidence that the Red Sox can get it done as they are and still have more to show. Boston’s relief core entered last night’s game with a 4.35 ERA and 18 blown saves.

This is the second trade deadline in a row where the Red Sox front office has blatantly ignored the team’s needs. Not adding a closer proves that Boston is determined to use the “closer by committee” for the entirety of the season despite the fact that it hasn’t worked at all. Whether the team is just being cheap and refuses to admit it or just doesn’t have big plans for 2019 doesn’t matter; Boston looks destined to miss the postseason the year after a World Series championship for the second straight time in franchise history, and it’s nobody’s fault but their own.

The two bright spots for the team are Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers, who continue to like possible MVP candidates. 22-year-old Devers is currently second in the AL with his .327 AVG while his 84 RBI are tied with Bogaerts for second as well. Bogaerts is fourth in the AL with his .317 AVG and he reached a new career high in home runs with his 24th and 25th blasts last night. JD Martinez Mookie Betts are also heating up, but unfortunately for Red Sox Nation, none of it matters. The team’s pitching is going to continue to let it down, there’s just no reason at all to believe it will not.

  • Morris Matthews


Have yourself a week, Tampa Bay. Sweeping the Red Sox in Fenway AND adding firepower (see: Eric Sogard, Jesus Aguilar & Nick Anderson) for a playoff spot? That is precisely how a competent Front Office approaches this beloved game of ours. If only this team was in a better market…..

PS – Terrific troll game:

  • Anthony S

Blue Jays

After jettisoning Marcus Stroman to the F’ing Mets (?!), the Blue Jays can officially usher in their youth movement and rebuild the next era of Jays baseball. Led by Vlad Jr., Cavan Biggio and now, Bo Bichette, there is some serious hope for optimism north of the border.

To make matters better, Vlad Jr. is finally starting to show everyone what we thought he was. Albeit this is a little late on my end since I traded him in fantasy baseball before the all-star break…

  • Christopher M


Big week. Productive week.  The Orioles added 30 points to there win percentage which is now at an abysmal .333 AND picked up a half game on the first place Yankees. Orioles are now only 32.5 games out of first place with 54 games remaining. This is all subject to change as the Os are currently losing 4-0 to the Blue Jays (Canada’s version of the Baltimore Orioles). 

The Os finished up their West Coast swing in San Diego and are playing .500 baseball in their last ten games. If I were a gambling man, which I am, I would start taking the Orioles, again which I am, because they are usually +180 or more every day. Pick your spots, maybe throw them in a parlay with two heavy favorites, especially when last week’s feature LHP John Means, #67 in the program but #1 in our hearts, minds, prayers, dreams, ambitions of being not a shit team, and collective consciousness is on the mound. Unfortunately, he won’t be pitching till Monday night in the Bronx. 

Dylan “HR Derby” Bundy is pitching tomorrow at the Yard and will most likely be trying to avoid yet another series loss this year. Whatever the Team Total for the Blue Jays is, it’s not high enough. If I go into the sports book tomorrow and the Blue Jays have Nikki Six main lining heroin through a fire hose as their TT, it still wouldn’t be high enough.  It’d be close but I’d still take the Over.  

The Most Orioles of Orioles Stat of the Week:

Last weekend, the Orioles won the first three games in a four game set with the Angels. It was tied in the bottom of the 9th and in true Os fashion they gave up the walk off home run to miss out on sweeping the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (what a spectacularly dumb name). That was expected, that is not the stat of the week. The stat of the week is if the Orioles had NOT blown it, which again is gonna happen 100% of the time in perpetuity, it would have been their first series sweep since AUGUST of 2018!!! That’s insane right? Literally a full year of baseball without sweeping a single series. This includes 2-game, 3-game, and 4-game series. Want to guess when the Orioles last swept a 4-gamer? Go on guess. If you guessed August of 2011 the. Congratulations you know how to work Google. 8 years. 8 years!!  Someone who started a pre-Med program in undergrad back in August of 2011 would now be a practicing physician and probably wrapping up their residency by now (I don’t know how becoming a Dr. works). Holy hell. That is such a long time for such bad baseball. 

So the quest to win 53 in a row starts tomorrow against Toronto at Camden Yards, the nicest stadium in the world that hasn’t had a meaningful game played in it for the better part of a decade. The sad part is, the Orioles are playing better. As of the Angels game they had won 7 of their last 11 and 13 of their last 25. Not awesome but it seems to have been enough for the front office not to yard sale the entire roster before Wednesday’s trade deadline. So…… progress?  Just win enough games so the people of Baltimore have something to do rather than mug the Deputy Police Commissioner and rob him at gun point:

OR break into Representative Elijah Cummings’ home 

What do these two kind of hilarious stories have in common? They’re both a cry for help from a city that is tired of watching a baseball team lose 70% of its games and be routinely eliminated from the post season by mid-August. 

And because WE need some positive items in our lives:

  • @Caddieyardchill

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