Reds Rock Yanks Deadline Plans

Welp. The Passan Bomb I did NOT want to see:

As if the Mets snagging Marcus Stroman wasn’t enough, the Yankees watch yet another difference making starter go into the hands of another team. Two pitchers to non-contending teams. I was adamant about the Yanks acquiring Bauer and can’t believe the Indians actually pulled the trigger on moving him. Especially after reinserting themselves back into the playoff picture.

Do the Yanks simply not have enough assets to acquire a front line Ace? Were they completely reluctant on moving Deivi?

All I know is Brian Cashman better have something up his sleeve. Otherwise, this team is TOAST in October. They could win 100+ games but that is all moot if they’re trotting out their rotation without a true #1 option at the top. There’s still time (4 pm tomorrow) but that is quickly evaporating.

If I’m Cashman, I find a way to convince Zack Greinke to waive his no-trade clause and not let him leave New York. I’ll let the dust settle, for now….

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