Houston, We Have A Problem

The Yankees path to winning the American League pennant this season just took a devastating blow at the trade deadline:

Guess what wins in October? Aces! For those keeping score at home, that’s three aces in Verlander, Cole and Greinke for Houston over the Yanks who have none.

Also, after these past two weeks of watching the Yankees starters disintegrate, I’m not so sure getting past the Indians or Twins in the ALDS (provided they play the AL Central) was as much of a lock as we once thought…

This team DESERVED better at this trade deadline. To have endured SO much to this point, they earned getting quality reinforcements of both the starting pitching and reliever varieties.

For the Yankees Front Office’s sake, Dellin, Sevy AND Deivi Garcia need to be factors to somewhat mitigate what the Astros did today. They need Domingo German to keep pitching the way he is. They need James Paxton to be that ace they thought they were getting from Seattle. Even if all of this happens (which it won’t), I’m still not sure they’re good enough to get by Houston.

Meanwhile, aside from Greinke, the Astros acted like the World Series contender they are. Adding intriguing, but enigmatic, pitcher Aaron Sanchez and reliever Joe Biagini from the Blue Jays to bolster their options.

Bottom line is the Astros are playing chess while the Yankees are playing checkers.

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