AL East Friday’s: Pre-Deadline Edition


Well, it has been quite the rough patch for the Yankees rotation, huh? It is abundantly clear that the Yankees need to add at least one starter by Wednesday. Outside of Masahiro Tanaka, who are we comfortable with grabbing the ball for a playoff game? Maybe Domingo German but his performance against the Twins on Tuesday night starts is reason for concern. James Paxton is effectively the left handed version of A.J. Burnett – great stuff, moments of dominance, always seems like he’s battling an injury, and you literally never know what kind of performance you’ll be getting from him. I love CC but he’d have to have an extremely short leash in a start, especially if the Yanks found themselves down in a series. I’m not wasting any time for JA Happ…

The starting pitching options for this year’s trade deadline are not very inspiring. I’m not a Marcus Stroman guy at all, and he’s arguably the best option out there. I’m more interested in power pitchers, like Robbie Ray, but I’d do my best to stay away from left handed pitchers if I were Brian Cashman. To me, Zack Wheeler represents the guy I want the most now. A right handed, power arm would slot in well behind Tanaka come playoff time versus the Astros and Twins of the world. Despite my wish, I see the Yanks getting Stroman come Wednesday…

Ideally, the return of Luis Severino would represent the addition the Yanks are looking for but I don’t think they should, or will, operate that way. The same goes for Dellin Betances. I’m worried about the bullpen becoming burned out and the return of Dellin would go along way in taking off pressure and workload.

  • Patty

Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox’ offense has been every bit a juggernaut as it was last season, but the team continues to be let down by its pitching.  Ace Chris Sale is trudging through the worst season of his career and possesses a highly uncharacteristic 4.00 ERA. Though he’s pitched better as of late, the team needs him and fellow anchors David Price and Eduardo Rodriguez to find consistency as the team vies for a Wild Card berth.

Alex Cora’s offense has been dynamite, however, and has run roughshod over numerous opponents. 21-year-old 3B Rafael Devers is currently batting .323 alongside 21 homers and 81 RBI.  SS Xander Bogaerts also looks to be an MVP candidate with his .312 AVG, 80 RBI and 23 HR. With Mookie Betts and JD Martinez experiencing subpar seasons for their standards, Devers and Bogaerts have picked up the slack and formed another electric tandem for the Sox.

The Achilles heel for the defending World Champions has been the bullpen all season. Without a true closer it has been a bumpy ride and Red Sox Nation has ripped out a lot of hair with all the late leads the team has let slip away. Boston PBO Dave Dombrowski has proven in the past that he’s not afraid to be bold at the deadline, and he’ll have to be in 2019 and bolster his team’s relief core. If not, Boston may fail to make the playoffs the year after a World Series title for the second time in a row.

  • Morris Matthews


The Rays are in desperate need of offense and even moreso after 1B/3B Yandy Diaz went on the IL this week. Jesus Aguilar’s name has been linked with the Rays. I also think Yasiel Puig makes a lot of sense, too, especially with Kevin Kiermaier on the IL. With the trade deadline approaching on Wednesday, expect the Rays to bring in at least one bat to push for one of the two Wild Card spots.

  • Anthony S

Blue Jays

Speaking of selling, the Jays are in the heart of that paradigm. With the Indians, Nationals and Giants placing themselves into the playoff hunt, Trevor Bauer, Max Scherzer and Madison Bumgarner are not going anywhere. That means Marcus Stroman vaults to the top of starting pitchers available this deadline. He’ll be on the move, for certain, it’s just a matter of where…

  • Christopher M


So yeah, the season hasn’t been going exactly how fans wanted. Unless those fans wanted to see this team set an MLB season record for HRs allowed back in June, lose 7 out of every 10 games played,  and be called “The Most Anonymous Team in Baseball History” if that’s the case, then this year has been all titties and roses.  

Most anonymous team. What a completely dick thing to say about a team, any team. It especially stings for a baseball club because baseball has been around for like 3,000 years.  JC was a solid utility infielder, that’s why there are so many Jesus’ in today’s game.  Do you really expect me to believe that the 2019 Baltimore Orioles are lesser known than a Reds team from the turn of the century?  There wasn’t even television for like a major chunk of baseball’s history.  The Orioles may be trash that was set on fire but MASN still broadcasts all of their games. So uhhh hey SI and FiveThirtyEight and all the other articles that all shared the same headline back in early April, eat dicks. Just eat a big bag of dicks because while the Orioles get their teeth kicked in on a nightly basis, players like Trey “Anastasio” Mancini are still better known than Tommy Corcoran was in his time with the Pittsburgh Burghers (1890). 

An Oriole who you may not know yet is SP John Means. Once every week, I get to take a break from watching opponents just shell Baltimore pitching and watch this guy pitch. Here’s a quick stat line for the nerds:

IP: 98  H: 85  ER: 34  SO: 78 BB: 27            ERA: 3.12

Pretty good right? Oh, and he’s a lefty. 

Well, he’s 8-6 and has started 21 games this year. He’s striking out 3 batters for every one that he walks and he’s barely above .500. And that’s what happens with anyone on the Orioles who has any kind of talent. They wallow in the filth that is this organization, they aren’t supported, rarely ever rewarded with a large contract, and inevitably are shipped off to a playoff contender. 

I’m not mad. Baseball is the one sport where rooting for a loser, and I root for a LOT of losers, isn’t the end of the world. When the Jets are Jetting it up all over the place it affects my day to day life. Some would call that loyalty, most would call it pathetic but really that’s neither here nor there. Baseball’s season is so long and there are very few “teams out of no where” scenarios anymore (maybe this years Twins, maybe) that you’re kind of resigned to what the team is before he season starts. Then when something like last weekend happens and the Orioles take 2 out of 3 from the visiting Red Sox it’s a nice mini victory in the sea of shit that is the season.  Also, people forget the Orioles could’ve won the second game of the series to sweep Boston right up until the first inning. 

So yeah, the Orioles stink. But don’t let us get hot. And don’t need to win games against us late in the season because we will win meaningless games like you wouldn’t believe!  They can also just as easily roll over and let you pet their bellies. Will this organization hang on to the few pieces it has?  Will they ship anyone with any kind of talent out of Charm City?  I’ll let you guys know because we all know damn well no one is going to follow or willingly watch this team on their own. 

  • Paulie D

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