Why The Yankees Should Trade Clint Frazier For Madison Bumgarner

It’s fairly simple; the Yankees have a surplus of guys that can hit but cannot field. Clint, Andujar and Giancarlo are the guys that I’m worried about having in the field each day. Voit is not a superb fielder, so the guy playing the hot corner must be an above average defender. Miguel Andujar (as much as I love him) is not that guy.

But the real matter at hand is the DH position. Clint Frazier cannot field. No levelheaded Yankees fan will be satisfied putting him out there in October. He is an above average bat. But you have a guy in Giancarlo Stanton that you owe a boatload of money until 2028. He is your DH. You cannot give up on him even if deep down inside you desperately want to.

Therefore Clint Frazier must go. He isn’t going to haunt us in the NL West on a rebuilding team in the Giants. Pluse Madison Bumgarner is ice cold in the playoffs.

Bumgarner has a 0.79 ERA over his last nine postseason outings. He has thrown 23 shutout innings in winner-take-all games. Additionally, no pitcher has made more scoreless postseason starts.

I know its been awhile since he’s pitched in the playoffs but no one is scarier then Bumgarner in October. Plus I think he is still really good. It’s debilitating to have such a bad offense day-in and day-out and he would be refreshed on this team. Just ask DJ LeMahieu.

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