CC the Stopper

Like he’s done many times during his Yankee career, Carsten Charles Sabathia has taken the ball and put an end to a Yankees losing streak. 

Granted, the White Sox are in rebuild mode but it was still great to see #52 back in the Bronx leading the way for a 4-0 victory.

Marc and I had the privilege to watch CC deal for 5 innings of no run ball, From the second “Big Poppa” started playing (CC’s warmup song), you just knew the game was different. He’s been the unofficial captain since Jeter left us several years ago and it was just great to have CC back today.
Sure, he’s a shell of himself. But this team has a different heartbeat when he’s on the mound. Guys are more dialed in and it shows. 

Hopefully, today marks a turning point and the Yanks go on a bit of a roll. It wouldn’t be a surprise, either. This has been the epitome of Sabathia’s tenure as a Yankee. 

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