Zucc is Now a Star

We all knew this day was coming but, man, this still hurts. Mats Zuccarello has finally been traded to the Dallas Stars.

On the surface, the return for Zucc looks a bit underwhelming – as pointed out by Rangers Twitter. However, understanding the conditional aspects of the draft picks is important. One of the picks turn into a first rounder if the Stars make the Western Conference Finals. The second pick would turn into another first rounder if Zucc were to re-sign with Dallas.

Regardless, its hard to see such a universally beloved player get moved, no matter the circumstances. This was the right move as the Rangers continue to commit to the rebuild.

Here are some Zucc GIFs to lessen the pain:

And now to hurt:

We’ll always love you, Zucc. Maybe we’ll see you again in free agency but who knows? Go tear it up with the Stars as we root real hard for you from afar.

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