My 2019 NFL Playoff Picks

I am not typically one to write about my personal picks, but it is the playoffs and I feel good about these picks. So, I am just going to get right into it.

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans (Prediction: Colts)

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The Texans are a very good team. They are getting overlooked excessively by many. That is because they struggle against weaker teams. The factor in this game for me is, Deshaun Watson vs Andrew Luck. Luck has been here before, this is the best team he has had and the pieces are starting to fall in place for him. My 1st pick of 2019 is an upset but it is one I really like.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Baltimore Ravens (Prediction: Chargers)

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The Chargers got upset by the Ravens near the end of this season. They have one of the most well rounded rosters in the NFL. I like the Ravens defense and I think Lamar is gonna bring an element of surprise to the playoffs, but the Chargers will find a way to stop him. I think this one could still go the Ravens way, but I see the Chargers winning this one.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears (Prediction: Bears)

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The Eagles are the ones with the target on their back. They are the reigning the champs, they have experience and they have the Nick Foles factor. With that said, the Bears defense is tough and their offense is fire powered, as well. Nick Foles is gonna be hard to stop, but The Chicago defense is great and coordinator Vic Fangio is one of the best coordinators in the game. Chicago deserves to win this game and I believe they will.

Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys (Prediction: Cowboys)

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I am torn here. I am a huge Russ fan, I love the way he plays and I love his off the field mentality. Yet, Dak contributed heavily to me winning my fantasy football league. The teams match up really well, youth plays a factor here, and the Cowboys have more of a veteran presence. Through all of that though, I am sorry Russ, but Dak has more on the line with his contract coming up and all of Jerry’s world behind him. Dallas wins this one, by getting everything to click.

Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs (Prediction: Colts)

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This is going to be one of the underrated shootouts of the year. The Chiefs secondary is weak and can be burnt. Luck is a beast. The Colts defense is better, but Mahomes is spectacular. I am stunned that I am doing this, but I like what Luck can do to this defense and Luck has been to the playoffs before and Mahomes has not. Mahomes has also lost all 4 of his biggest 4 games. The Colts surprisingly win in this match up and head to the AFC Conference Championship as the hottest team in the AFC.

Los Angeles Chargers @ New England Patriots (Prediction: Patriots)

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This one looks like a good game on paper, and probably could be. I just can’t see Philip outlast Brady. I would love to think that, but Brady and Belichick are phenomenal at home in the playoffs. The Chargers would bring the fight to the Pats, but Brady and Bill still reign supreme.

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints (Prediction: Saints)

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This one is not going to be pretty. The Saints will not let the Cowboys beat them again and Brees is playing some of the best football of his life. This Saints team is really good. The Cowboys are in for a beating from the Saints. That is all there really is to say about it.

Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams (Prediction: Bears)

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This game looks like one of the best games the playoffs could provide. The Bears defense faces a high octane offense. Two QBs with little experience in these kinds of games meet. Defense wins games and a struggling Jared Goff and a returning Todd Gurley will be in for a tough task. I like the Bears in this one.

Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots (Prediction: Colts)

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This would be the most intense and marketable game in the playoffs. A rematch of the game that caused deflate gate. A offensive coordinator in Josh McDaniels of the Pats who screwed Indy over. All combined with a vengeful Andrew Luck and the best QB in these games in TB12. This has all the makings of a game of the year. Heart and passion can lead to big playoff runs. The Colts beat two of the top 3 AFC teams in this scenario to this point in this scenario. All they need is passion and fire to get them to the Super Bowl. Sorry Tom, but this seems like the perfect time for Luck to breakthrough and make another statement win to roll into the Super Bowl.

Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints (Prediction: Saints)

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The best offense in the NFC versus the best defense. Another incredible championship Sunday game in this scenario. Defense wins titles as I have repeated. That is until you meet a road block named Drew Brees. Brees is the difference maker that wins the Saints this game and gives him his shot at a 2nd ring. The Bears, can still make a statement for the future with this deep playoff run.

Super Bowl: Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints (Champions: Saints)

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Andrew Luck will have his time, and with the resources the Colts have this off season they will be poised to build a power house. I can’t see Brees losing this one. Drew has had an incredible year and could win a 2nd ring and continue to build his legacy. The Saints are a great team and they are my pick to win the Super Bowl this year.

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