Patty’s Draft Kings Week 17 Lineup

Week One Recap: 199.12 (3/19)

Week Two Recap: 113.18 (17/19)

Week Three Recap: 193.36 (1/19)

Week Four Recap: 142.30 (14/19)

Week Five Recap: 139.14 (8/19)

Week Six Recap: 112.42 (15/19)

Week Seven Recap: 156.26 (3/19)

Week Eight Recap: 155.74 (3/19)

Week Nine Recap: 118.82 (17/19)

Week Ten Recap: 80.02 (19/19)

Week 11 Recap: 161.82 (7/19)

Week 12 Recap: 164.52 (9/19)

Week 13 Recap: 108.70 (16/19)

Week 14 Recap: 117.52 (19/19)

Week 15 Recap: 84.76 (17/19)

Week 16 Recap: 186.18 (5/19)

  • Darnold and Anderson have been on an absolute tear these past few weeks. I want in on them one last time as Sam closes the season strong.
  • The volume Edwards has gotten on the ground since week 11 warrants a play at $4,400. Especially on a win and in scenario, he figures to be a key piece of whatever the Raven do today.
  • I fully expect the Chiefs to dominate the Raiders today. An early deficit should result in a ton of underneath checkdowns which is Richard’s wheelhouse.
  • The triumvirate of Evans/Nuk/Juju has to pan out for my week to be big. All three are primed to end excellent campaigns on high notes.
  • Baker is going to get rid of the ball quick and Njoku should figure to be part of that initiative.
  • Miami stinks and its Kyle Williams Day in Buffalo. I expect Buffalo D/ST to play an inspired game to send off one of the team’s greats.

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