Week 10 Preview: Old Man Josh Or Spring Chicken?

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It’s time to turn a corner and win a must win game heading into a bye week. So it was encouraging to think the Jets could get Sam some time versus an average defense at home. Until, it was released that Darnold has a foot sprain. Darnold could still be active tomorrow, but the starter will be Josh Mccown. Believe it or not, I’m kind of pumped to see Mccown lead this offense this week. On the other side of the ball, this could be a game like Detroit and I can’t wait.

Buffalo’s Starting QB?

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I am not even using this as a stupid headline, I’m genuinely confused on who their starter is. Uncle Rico Josh Allen who can throw the ball over the mountains has had elbow problems, Derek Anderson is clearly just a backup and Nathan Peterman has completed more passes to the other team then his own receivers. The only other option is Matt Barkley and well, that’d be sad to see. Any QB who plays is obviously up for a tall task. They’ll take on the 7th best defense in the league. If it’s Peterman. Well, please let it be Peterman.

UPDATE: As I was editing this it was announced Matt Barkley will start in his 1st start since 2016. He last played for the Bears where he went 116/211 for 1611 YDs, 7 TDs and 14 picks.

Here Comes Mccown

The highest paid player/coach in the league will take the field Sunday in place of Sam. Will Josh look like a spring chicken or an old man trying to fight off retirement is the question. In John Morton’s offensive system last year he succeeded. It remains to be seen how he will do with Jeremy Bates calling the shots. One thing is for sure. Mccown will play smart football. He knows what to do and now his number is being called and he should step up in a big way.

Jamal Forever A Jet?

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After last Sunday’s heartbreaker. Jamal said to the media, “I’m tired of losing man”. He gave Jets fans including myself a reason to fret and fear he may no longer want to be a Jet. A last, Jamal said,  god willing I want to be one of the best and forever stay a New York Jet. Jamal has been the heart and soul of this team and I’m glad he wants to be around for the long haul and now hopefully he gets in his first Pro Bowl.

Pass Rush 

The Jets pass rush has been consistently inconsistent. It is either nonexistent or present and fearsome. The Bills offensive line is average and similar to the Dolphins. If the Jets can handle business and Jenkins can do what he’s done the last few weeks and take the pressure off Big Cat, Leonard Willams it will be present.

Money Man Is Back

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This past offseason the Jets poured money into pro bowl corner Trumaine Johnson. After missing his last 5 games, he returns from a quad injury. In the minimal time he played this year he has been solid. He’ll be out to prove his critics wrong and prove he was worth the money the Jets gave him.

The Heat On Bowles Seat Is Turning Up

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I’ve been a big critic of Bowles this year. I think the Jets could’ve won at least two of the games they lost but because of poor coaching we sit at 3-6. It’s been an up and down year for the former Cardinals defensive coordinator. He’s run the defense well but when controlling other aspects it’s been a bad season. Bowles needs to win tomorrow or else the Jets may start looking for new head coach candidates. I said before last week that if Bowles loses both these games, you may as well put him on the unemployment line now. The decision to keep Spencer Long in last week not only cost us the game but hurt Sam Darnold. If Todd Bowles continues to make ignorant game management decisions he doesn’t deserve a job. There comes a time when the characteristics of a bad coach start to take over and Bowles will start to be reckless while coaching for his job. It’s starting to get bad. A win tomorrow can cool off his seat but a loss may turn it up to piping hot.


I think Josh will be a good game manager and I think the defense will explode like they did against Detroit. The only route I give the Bills of having a shot is this deception at QB being to much for the Jets. The idea of not knowing the starter until Saturday could throw the Jets defense off and could rattle them. If this occurs that is poor game prep by the coaching staff. The way this seasons went I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. I’m going the safe route here and saying the Jets win, but not by a lot.

Jets- 18 Bills- 3

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