Week 10/Bye Week Review: Bye Bye Bowles?

For those of you that don’t know, the Jets got killed. 41-10 at the hands of the Bills. It was a pitiful performance. So instead of my normal review format  with the lack of good and bad, I’m gonna recap the Jets season up to this point.

Game 1: Detroit 

One of the best opening games the Jets could’ve played. Looked like it would set the tone for the season as the Jets were dominating both sides of the ball. It was the best game all year and showed the potential the Jets have when everything clicks.

Game 2: Dolphins

This one brought everyone back down to earth and quieted the media saying the Jets were already a top team. It was like a really bad hangover. The Jets lost a heartbreaker and went into Cleveland with a lot to prove.

Game 3: Browns

A lot on the line as the Jets went out for their second prime time win of the short year. An incredible first half where the Jets led at one point by 11 made the Jets relax. Until it was Baker time. Mayfield went off and defeated the Jets in a comeback storybook win for the Browns first W in nearly 2 years.

Game 4: Jaguars

Coming off a long week, the Jets went to Everbank Field and made Blake Bortles look like a good QB and that’s hard to do. The Jets we’re out coached visibly and this became their third straight loss.

Game 5:  Denver

With a lot to prove going into a three game homestand the Jets needed to win to get back on the right track. They did just what with a big win in a beatdown of Denver. The rushing attack came alive big in this game.

Game 6: Colts

The Jets went up against the Colts in a battle of The compared versus the comparable (Darnold vs Luck). The Jets came out on top and closed out a sloppy game and went back to .500 and filt Jets fans everywhere with hope.

Game 7: Vikings

The first game in any sport I’ve ever left early. The Jets played sorry football and did everything wrong. The offensive line was atrocious and everything else fell apart around Darnold and Adams.

Game 8: Bears

The Bears are a model of the team the Jets need to try to be. The Bears are good on both sides of the ball and despite a solid defensive showing, the Bears bested the Jets and Matt Nagy easily out coached Todd Bowles.

Game 9: Dolphins

The Spencer Long Game. Jeez that guy sucks and this game showed how Bowles doesn’t make the right subs. Don’t call the Dolphins contenders though because they barely closed us out. Darnold played bad and the Jets still hung around all game. Thanks to an incredible job by the defense.

Game 10: Bills

I have a feeling this will be known as the game that got Todd Bowles fired. What a crap show. Every aspect of this team sucked in this game. Special teams and Jamal Adams were good. Every other aspect was awful. Offense floundered mightily. Defense looked poorly ran. Bowles was out coached by Sean McDermott and looked lost. He showed no fire and no aggression.  On the sidelines he barely communicated and just stood alone. He did a pitiful job and a coaching performance like that is inexcusable. I said before the game if they lose this one that he deserved to be fired. He shouldn’t have a job right now but I understand him staying around so that they don’t disrupt Darnold’s development. Bowles is a smart football guy but not a good coach so I’ll put this in football terms. Before the season it was 2nd & 10 and to get a first he just needed to show progress. After last week, Bowles was at 3rd & 15 facing a must win game. After this game Bowles is at 4th & 30 in his own end zone with no choice other then to absorb what comes next and punt away the job. It’s time to change the culture and get a new coach. Later this week I’ll run through potential replacements for Bowles. Thanks for sticking with these articles Jets fans, I know it’s hard.

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