Giants Week 11 Recap: The Saq & Eli Show

Yesterday was the dream offense we had envisioned for the Giants coming into the season: Saquon running wild and taking the pressure off Eli to do his thing. Yes, the Bucs stink, but on Sunday afternoon it was really nice to see vintage Eli emerge and Barkley used correctly. Time to unpack a second Giants win in a row?

The Good

The Offense 

The offensive line played well enough (only three sacks is manageable)? Check! Eli played mistake free and aggressive? Check! Saquon was a MONSTER? Check! Odell got his? Oh look, another check! Finally, a well rounded performance from a heavily invested Giants offense.

PS – Suck it, Warren Sapp.

Corey Coleman 

He’s made his mark as an effective special teamer on kick offs since joining the Giants earlier this season. Watch Coleman the rest of the season here to see if the Baylor product can stick beyond this year. If he can show any glimpses of his obvious upside, the Giants might’ve struck gold.

Mixed Reviews

The Defense

For the first time in a long time, the Giants O bailed out the Giants D. Yes, the Giants forced 4 interceptions but that still didn’t stop the Bucs from being effective on third down and putting up 35 points. Not the most encouraging of performances but you don’t apologize for wins in the NFL.

The Bad


What in the actual hell was that sequence involving Vernon? Well…

Such a strange thing to see and really makes you wonder if he’ll be long for the Giants beyond this year. He’s sort of got a Rick Nash thing going on where he plays hard but in the end doesn’t put up the expected elite level stats for what he’s getting paid.

Final Take

Are we getting roped back in? Not quite.  A win next week against a reeling Eagles team in Philly next week and it might be time to start believing in the G-Men.

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