Top 10 Best and Worst NHL Jerseys All Time

It’s almost impossible to nail down the 10 best all time jerseys, with how many great ones there have been in the NHL. I picked ones that came top of mind immediately for me, with maybe just a smidge of bias. We’ll save the worst for last and kick it off with some of the best sweaters to grace the NHL stage.

-Rangers Liberty

Hoped these would make a comeback this year but looks like I’ll have to wait.  A great homage to Lady liberty and my goodness look at the flow on Graves there. 

-Devils green

Feels like I’ve seen the red/green color scheme somewhere before but cant remember.. Either way these jerseys are really unique and look even better with a brighter shade of green on the shoulder

-Flames thirds

If these jerseys don’t scream fire and passion to you gotta get your pulse checked. I cant imagine many things more intimidating then seeing Iginla hop off the bench in these beauties.


-Kings Purple

Not only are these great because they’re one of the oldest on this list, the purple and minimal yellow go together great too. It’s hard to step outside the main basic colors without looking ridiculous but the Kings pull it off. Don’t mind Dustin Brown’s face he’s just realizing he’s about to lose his C.

-Coyotes kachina

The logo, the trim, the shoulders, these jerseys have some crazy patterns but the dark colors balance it well. I’d hate seeing Doan gearing up in these with that thousand yard stare. Happy to see the yotes brought these back this year.

-Nordiques blue

Sometimes less is more, and that’s the case with these Nordique unis. The red logo stands out and the fleur de lis around the bottom trim tops it off nicely. 

North stars green

For a jersey that has four colors that are rarely used together these are still a fan favorite for good reason. The strong green and block letter logo are the best part in my eyes. How about Modano’s mullet here too, this guy has been a man rocket since draft day.

-Whalers green

Mr. Hockey is the first person I think of whenever I see these. The Canes will be wearing these a few times this season and I’d expecting the entire hockey community to rejoice. 

-Penguins powder blue

One of the more iconic moments in Sids career came in these. This is just after he scored the game winning shootout goal against Buffalo in the 2008. Good amount of light blue but not overkill.

-Golden seals

The little known California Golden Seals had arguably the best jerseys of their time. The yellow and white arm bands look great with the same on the pants on socks.


Now to the part we’ve all been waiting for. A terrible jersey ages like fine wine. You enjoy it more and more as the years goes on. Let’s take a look at some of the most demoralizing sweaters to have the misfortune of reaching the professional level. It’s even funnier to imagine the design meetings for these and remember and entire organization thought these were good ideas.


-Canucks Thirds

Just how fast and half assed do you think this meeting was? “We’ll just do black, the whole thing, socks, jersey, gloves, helmet all of it… can’t do all of? Fine just make the top half red, I don’t care I’m not wearing it.”

Oilers thirds

So… the logo is a comet? But the comet is an oil drop? And the Oil drop has a gear like look on the outside? Even outside of the awful logo there is nothing enticing about these.

-LA kings

I had to use this picture because it looks like this guy jus caught his reflection in the glass and realizes how terrible he looks. A top left logo of a purple bearded king, with grey colors that purposely fade in spots. SICK guys.

-Coyotes thirds

I don’t care how creative you are, there’s no way to put mountains, cactus’, and a moon on a jersey and make it look good. I don’t know if this was a landscape design to start or if they just had no clue and said we play in the dessert to let’s have the dessert play with us HA-HA (I’ll see myself out now)

-Tampa Bay thirds

These look like roller hockey jerseys you wear when you 14. That’s all. 

-Ducks thirds

Why. Was there animated series of the Mighty Ducks promo going on? Even if there was, it doesn’t justify why you’d choose a goalie duck for the logo. The logo, bursting through the ice for some reason, has a straight fraternity paddle with a piece of tape on it for a stick too. C’mon guys.

-Bruins thirds

Didn’t think the Bruins could screw up their yellow and black color scheme but here we are. I’m pretty sure that logo isn’t just sitting weird on this picture, its off center. The only thing I was ever good at drawing was the “S” everyone drew in high school and I’m 100% positive I could draw a better bear face.

-Jackets away

Breaking into the NHL isn’t easy for an expansion team, and these jersey’s didn’t make it any easier. I get the logo is an attempt at the team abbreviation CBJ but the uh, letters are out of order there guys. Don’t have a ton of hate for these just a poor effort for the first year.

-Dallas stars taurus

I’m not gonna lie I wanted to see if this was an actual constellation but I don’t even think that would help me stomach this train wreck. There are stars, with stars on the sleeves, with a shooting star, around the stars that make up a bulls head. Bravo guys.


-Blues trumpets

There aren’t enough words for this breakdown, but there is an amazing story behind them. You may be wondering why you haven’t seen this in an actual game. That’s because Mike Keenan who was the head coach at the time REFUSED to come out on the ice in them. Nothing like a big ol middle finger to the people trying to make look like you belong at Barnum and Bailey.

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