Week 2 Preview: Sink Or Swim?

Well… that was fun. It is safe to say Monday night was fun for Jets fans but, the Jets have one of the roughest scheduling starts in the NFL. They play 3 games in 10 days. If that is not even more of a test for Darnold, then I don’t know what is. Between scheduling, rivalries and more, this is a big game early in the year. I’ll run through the headlines and give you my week 2 prediction for the New York Jets.

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Kenny Stills vs Trumaine Johnson

Big fish of our off season versus the fish’s best receiver. If the Jets can keep Stills in control their day will be easier. Kenny Stills is a guy I have always liked since his days in New Orleans. As I am going through his tape from last week against the Titans one constant stuck out, he never plays short. That is far from a bad thing guys like Odell and Robby Anderson make their pay going long and running great routes. The difference between those kind of guys and Stills is that he is shaky. If Stills burns Tru  early then he wont be running short routes at all. If Tru can play man to man and keep up with Stills, and even if he can’t he can open it up for the free safety to pick up coverage. I like this matchup a lot and it will be fun to watch.

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Keep Pressure On Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is not a good quarterback. I honestly think Josh Allen and Sam Darnold as rookies are at the same if not higher levels then him. I watched tape on Tannehill as well. I do not wanna call myself a Tannehill hater because even though I do not particularly care for the Dolphins, Tannehill is a good guy and sometimes can be a solid QB. Ignore the stat sheet last sunday and you would have thought Tannehill was lost at points. He made a few costly errors and a few solid throws. A trait from the tape I noticed is when he gets rushed he freaks out and makes costly errors with the ball. So the key for Sunday will be to make Tannehill uncomfortable and make him put the ball in places are secondary can make things happen.

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Encore In NY

What the Jets did Monday is in the past. The page has been flipped, and the best way to start this season would be 2-0. Two key things that need to happen again are from two players. Darnold needs to debut well in NY. He did his job on the road, now it is time to go up against a weaker team, this time with a whole stadium behind you and protect our house. If Darnold stays poised and plays smart (which he has in the past) then he will have a good day. Darron Lee or the “Manimal” needs to have another good game. The young linebacker needs to follow up last week with a commanding week against the fins. If Lee could do that he will silence a lot of doubters and prove he finally took that step this off season into becoming a monster.

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Prediction record so far: 1-0

The Jets need to stay hot and roll through the Dolphins. All AFC East games mean a lot and the Jets need to win this one to keep momentum up. The defense looks primed for another big game against a weak offense. If the O Line can do exactly what they did last game, and if QB1 stays calm this prediction will be correct. Do not sleep on the fins though, if the Jets crack in the front 7 look out for Kenyan Drake.

Jets 38- Dolphins 20

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