Week 1 Recap: Jets Rock In Motor City

On Monday Night the Jets started one of the most highly anticipated seasons in recent memory. Many thought the Jets could pull of the upset as they were the underdogs in Detroit. In my preview I wrote the Jets defense needed to step up and so did the O-line. They absolutely did that. Even in a blowout of 48-17 there was good, okay and ugly. So I’m gonna run through the events of last night right now.

The Good

Darron Lee MLB

Lee is starting his 3rd year in the league, after having an underwhelming rookie year, he answered back last year with an above average year. As he started his 3rd year there were high expectations. If game one was any sign, this year will be huge for Lee. He finished the game with 7 tackles, two INTs and one returned for a TD. He came out of the half and looked like a monster on the field. Hopefully his momentum carries him on for the rest of the season.

Sam Darnold QB

Darnold made his debut last night and it didn’t start the way you want. On his first through he completed a designed roll out to his right, and then threw a ball across his body intended for Bilal Powell. Well, it ended up being his first TD except it was for the Lions.


He then came back and conducted multiple very good drives and started off 4/4 for 70 yards on third downs in the first half. He threw for 2 TDs that were both great passes. His first a dime to Anderson and his second a nice pass that Enunwa turned into a TD. Overall it was a good debut for the young QB as he starts his career 1-0.

The Defense

Instead of pinpointing specific solid performances, I’m gonna talk about the performance as a whole. The Jets rattled Stafford and stifled the run. Only giving up 10 points to the Lions offense and held the running game to 39 yards and forced 5 picks. It actually should’ve been 6 but the refs called rookie nickel corner Parry Nickerson out of bounds. The defensive line brought pressure and the secondary took advantage. Very impressive showing by the young defense!

Quincy Enunwa

Q is back! He looked like he hasn’t skipped a beat and is already Darnold’s favorite target. He caught 6 passes for 63 Yards and one TD. If he can stay healthy and keep getting open, he will have a HUGE year.

Andre Roberts KR and PR

A surprise signing in the offseason for depth, has turned into a huge asset to the squad. He had 6 returns and over 130 yards and one TD. It  seem like a crazy thing to be so excited about but the Jets are a team that has struggled mightily when it comes to special teams the last few years. If Roberts can at least get Darnold in good positions he will be a huge help moving forward.

The Ok

Robby Anderson WR

During last nights broadcast someone described Anderson as a poor mans Odell. I think that might be a bit of a stretch. I like the guy a lot and I think he is a special talent but he needs to learn how to get open short and play in a role similar to Tyreek Hill. He also needs to be a role model off the field. With that said, he did get a huge touchdown grab yesterday and showed him and Darnold can work together. Overall the ball needs to be in his hands more often.

The Running Game 

It was actually considered great but I think that the only reason it wasn’t good is because they didn’t use it enough. I think Powell and Crowell both played well, they ran for over 160 yards combined and 2 TDS (both Crowell) I just think they need to utilize another guy I’ll talk about in the bad section, overall though it was a solid performance from the two young backs.

The Bad

Rookie Usage

After an average preseason, Trenton Cannon (RB), Chris Herndon (TE) and Parry Nickerson (CB) all showed they could be huge assets to the squad. Yet, despite Nickerson playing for one series where he played very well, not many other rookies touched the field and made a difference with PT except for Frankie Luvu, Nathan Shepherd and of course Darnold. Although they won the Jets could be more successful if Herndon and Cannon are utilized as more valuable weapons for Darnold to play with. Nickerson flashed talent and him getting more PT could be a big help for the team too.

Darryl Roberts DB

This is more of a nitpicking thing then anything but he really irritated me last night. Roberts had an opportunity to step up and prove he deserved to be on the roster and he missed tackles, got burned on routes and looked poor conpaterd to other talents. Hopefully he can pick up the playing level this week against the Dolphins or else the Jets can always find someone else to replace him.

Overall View

I’ll keep this short, there is even more bright spots I could dive into but overall it was a phenomenal performance by the Jets that gave us fans a lot of hope for the 2018-19 season!

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