No Horsing Around: Week 1 Picks

Getting right into it. Picks against the spread. Week 1. Lets Go.

Texans @ Patriots (-6) – Belichick has been drinking Tiger Blood since the loss to the Eagles. Pick Patriots (-6)

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Bills @ Ravens (-7.5) – NATHAN PETERMAN SHOULD NOT BE IN THE NFL. Buy the half point though, because it would be silly not to. Pick: Ravens (-7)

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Bengals @ Colts (-2) – 85% of the public is on the Bengals right now. Do they not remember who Andrew Luck is? Pick: Colts (-2)

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49ers (+6.5) @ Vikings – Tossing and turning on this one. Vikings are my pick to win the NFC. However, Jimmy G is 7-0 as a starter in the NFL. Buy the half point. Pick: 49ers (+7)

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Jaguars (-3) @ Giants – I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you. The Jaguars are a better football team until proven otherwise. Pick: Jaguars (-3)


Buccaneers (+10) @ Saints – A 10 point spread two teams in the same division? GTFOH. Pick Buccaneers (+10)


Titans (-1) @ Dolphins – Titans were a playoff team in 2017. The Dolphins last season didn’t deserve milk with their cookies. Pick Titans (-1)

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Chiefs (+3.5) @ Chargers – ALL I KEEP HEARING IS, “OMG THE CHARGERS ARE SO GOOD!” Quiet down. Mahomes has Hunt & Hill with a HOWITZER for an arm.

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Steelers (-4.5) @ Browns – Don’t the magic of Hard Knocks fool you. It’s still the Cleveland Browns. Hue Jackson is gonna be fired by week 5. Pick: SteelersĀ  (-4.5)


Seahawks @ Broncos (-3) – I believe in Case Keenum…well sort of. Seahawks are overrated. Pick Broncos (-3)

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Cowboys @ Panthers (-3) – The matchup of the worst wide receivers in the NFL. I lean to the home team with the better QB. Pick Panthers (-3)

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Redskins @ Cardinals (0.5) I would rather watch paint dry then watch Alex Smith and Sam Bradford throw 7 yard passes all game. Flip a coin. Pick: Don’t Care


Bears @ Packers (-7) – Aaron Rodgers is 20 points better than Mitch Tribisky. Don’t @ me. Pick: Packers (-7)

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Jets (+6.5) @ Lions – Bowles handed over the keys to Darnold. Now it’s his time to prove he was worth it. I’m with it. Buy the half point. Jets (+7)

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Rams (-4.5) @ Raiders – LOVE the Rams. HATE the Raiders. Too easy. Pick Rams (-4.5)


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