Patty’s Draft Kings Week One Lineup

A little preface on this: I’m in a 19 team Draft Kings league that only includes the 1 o’clock and 4 o’clock games on Sundays. So if you don’t see players from games outside of them, that’s the reason why.


  • I feel great with my triumvirate of expensive players in Gronk/Nuk/Thomas.
  • Dalton should be solid as I’m hoping for a shootout between the Bengals and Colts.
  • I expect Conner to get a ton of volume as the Steelers send a “we can do this without you” message to Le’Veon.
  • Lewis should be PPR gold and the third down back for the Titans.
  • The Bucs should be looking to control the game against the Saints. If they have any shot in doing that, Barber is going to be a major part.
  • Similar to Bengals/Colts, I’m hoping for a shootout between the Bolts and Chiefs. Mike Williams was drafted in the first round for a reason; the cheap buy on him could be a major x-factor in how I do.
  • Nathan Peterman! On the road! Ravens D 100% worth the investment!

Good luck to all of us degenerates out there!

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