Officially Nervous

Well this isn’t good. The Yankees are floundering. They look like the Lehman Brothers in September of 2008. Crumbling at the mercy of the Minnesota Twins? There is no excuse for this. Especially when you have 7 competent hitters in the lineup.

This isn’t the time to mess with the game plan. All along the Yankees were supposed to get Judge and Chapman as close to 100 percent as they could before the inevitable meeting with the A’s. Now we’re looking into the barrel of the gun. I don’t want to end up in Billy Beane’s house for an elimination game. Doesn’t sound fun at all.

The panic meter is at a 7. Goodnight.

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  1. Old School

    It is time for Mr. Boone to have a closed door “Come to Jesus” meeting with the team and put it out there to these millionaires …”do you want this or not???” If you do go out there and kick some ass..No more Mr. Nice Guy from our freshman manager.


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