No Way In Hell Gary Can Start Behind The Play Next Wednesday

A week from tomorrow I will be sweating in the Bronx on a cold night. Not because I really care who starts on the mound. Give me Happ or Severino, at this point you can really flip a coin. The reason I’m about to puke thinking ahead is because of Gary Sanchez.

Yes, I know Gary Sanchez has a very good bat, despite his slump all season long. He intimidates pitchers when he approaches the plate. But there’s a problem when your catcher cannot CATCH A BALL.

It’s inexplicable the way the guy misses time and time again. Tom Hanks had an easier time catching Leo in Catch Me If You Can than Gary does at catching routine fastballs.

Aaron Boone already said he’s starting Gary and if he actually does I’ll be calling for Boone’s head as well.


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