Clint KO’d for 2018

Just devastating, man. The opportunities were there – between earlier in the year and with Aaron Judge out for an extended period of time –   but “Red Thunder” just couldn’t catch a break the entire season. It was tough to watch Shane Robinson and Neil Walker have to fill in for Judge in right field knowing a capable stud was not able to take advantage of the situation, to no fault of his own. Now, the specter of seeing the prize in the Andrew Miller trade back in the Bronx this season is over.

As an ardent Clint supporter, who wants him to succeed here in New York, this is my take on #77’s future:

With the impending free agency of Brett Gardner, Clint should be given every opportunity to win the left field job come spring training. However, there’s no guarantee he’ll be a Yankee come that time. I think it would be asset mismanagement to trade Clint now, given that his value could not be any lower, but anything is possible with a win-now team and aggressive general manager. Because of this, I think Clint will be a Yankee once spring training begins. The man has the pedigree and is major league ready, he just needs extended time in the majors to see if his “legendary bat speed” can translate.

Obviously, on the human side of this, Clint needs to get better, period. Baseball is secondary when you factor serious injuries like concussions into the equation.

Here’s to Clint making a full recovery and getting back to the Bronx, where he belongs!

And here’s a happy moment to jog our memory of how electric “El Rojo” can be:





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