NFL Defenses Better Watch Out For Saquon Barkley

With the 2nd pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the New York Giants select Saquon Barkley out of Penn State. Saquon was considered by most the best player in the draft. He is one of the best running back prospects ever. He’s a can’t miss prospect.

Since being a Giant, Saquon has wowed many Giants fans and players including Eli Manning. Eli said, “His quads are like the size of my waist and whole upper body” Eli told ‘Simms and Lefkoe”, a podcast on Bleacher Report.

“I’ve never quite seen anything like it. I don’t often stare at another man’s legs, but in that case, you can’t quite help it’.

So with the high praise he’s getting, you can see why the fans love Saquon. The fans also gave him a nickname “SaQUADS”. To add to the Saquon hype, he has the number one selling jersey in the NFL.

In 38 games with Penn State, Saquon had 3843 rushing yards and 43 rushing TDs on 671 attempts. But what makes Saquon so much different than other prospects is his ability to help the passing game. In his final year at Penn State, Barkley had 54 Rec for 632 yards and 3 TDS.

With the addition of Saquon many teams will have to be more prepared to play the Giants. This also will help take pressure off Eli making #10’s job easier. The Giants went from having a bad offense to having a very scary looking one. Eli, Odell, Shep, Engram, and now Saquon! How do you stop that?

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  1. Old School

    USA Today has them projected at 7-9…I know they have a tough schedule; but with this revamped offense I think they could do better. I am a bit concerned about the 3-4 defense…not sure they have the personnel for that type of defense. Can’t wait.


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