How the Giants can Sign Off on the Perfect Off-Season

This Giants off-season has represented well needed change from top to bottom. New coach and General Manager, check. Saquon Barkley, Nate Solder, and Will Hernandez, check.  There’s been so much good energy/vibes/momentum surrounding Big Blue, it’s almost weird.  However, there is one more item that needs to be taken care of to truly make it that much better : the signing of Odell Beckham to a long-term extension.

With today’s news:

Odell has done his part – remain low-key, rehab from injury, commit, and, most importantly, he’s grown up – and now it is time to take care of one of the, if not the, best wide receivers in all of football. The contract is going to be bananas, but that is the going rate for elite offensive players. The deal, when and if completed, should be around $100 million total and be north of $65 million in guarantees. The Mike Evans contract ($55 million guaranteed$16.5 million per year/$82 total) should be treated as just the starting point in any negotiations.

To me, the Giants need to get this deal done before the regular season kicks off. Odell has played good soldier and it’s time for John Mara to be true to his word and get this contract done. Its the final piece of the Giants outstanding house keeping items and could ultimately make or break the 2018 season if mishandled.

Prediction – done before week one against Jacksonville, 5 years/$65 guaranteed/$18 million per year/$90 million total. 

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