3 Trades The Yankees Can Make Before The Deadline

The Yankees currently are in 2nd in the AL East, 4.5 games behind the Red Sox. They are sitting at 62-34 which is phenomenal but not enough to lead the AL East. They will need to get better so they don’t get stuck in the wild card game again this year. They also have Gleyber coming back soon and he will be a big asset to the team. The biggest needs at the deadline are on the mound. Behind Severino and Sabathia there is a huge need. Domingo German can’t seem to accurately throw a baseball. Sonny can’t seem to stop giving up runs and Tanka gives up to many bombs. So these 3 trades set the Yankees up for a World Series run as well as answering long term questions.

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Trade 1: Zach Britton to the Yankees and Thairo Estrada and Domingo German to the Orioles

This trade is perfect for both sides. The Orioles get a young infielder who can play anywhere and play solid. He is still developing and could play a utility role or starting 2nd basemen for a MLB team within a year. He’s controlled for a long time and is cheap. Domingo German is a promising young arm who, if he can figure out his mechanics could be a front line starter. German could develop as slow as he wants in the majors for the orioles because of how bad of a season they are having. Britton to the Yankees improves an already huge strength in the bullpen. The Yankees bullpen can shorten games and make it easier on starters. Adding Britton to an already phenomenal group makes the Yankees just that much better.

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Trade 2: Cole Hamels To The Yankees and Brandon Drury and Chance Adams to the Rangers

I love Chance and I hate to see him go but he can never flourish as long as he’s in NY and he provides a talented young arm for Texas to use in the future. Brandon Drury can play anywhere, is a cheap contract and can audition for a long term spot in Texas during the second half, while providing a good front of the order hitter. Hamels to NY is like the Walmart version of Verlander to Houston. Hamels provides the Yankees worth a veteran pitcher, who isn’t afraid of bright lights at all and can pitch in clutch games late in the season and in the postseason. If Cole doesn’t fit in for some reason he has a 6 million dollar buyout this winter that can save 14 million dollars off the cap. Cole makes a lot of sense and could fill a big need.

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Trade 3: Zack Wheeler to Yankees Michael King and Albert Abreu to Mets

Michael King has come into the spotlight of the organization this season and has proven he is another great young arm and is a valuable trade asset with lots of time to develop still. Albert Abreu is the better of the two. Abreu has electric stuff and with better control could be a top tier pitcher in the league. Wheeler is a big grab for the Yankees. Wheeler is controlled through 2020 and gives the Yankees a reliable arm not just for this season but for the future as well. Wheeler’s stock is rising and he is starting to show his full potential.

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In the end, this is just what I would do because it upgrades an already incredible bullpen which shorten games, and forms a rotation of Severino, Hamels, Sabathia, Wheeler and Tanaka. Which gives Tanaka more rest, allows for Sonny to be designated for assignment and for Sabathia to get a load taken off. Through it all the Yankees still would’ve held onto  7 of their top 10 prospects and all the Jewels, while building a rotation that could compete with most teams they’ll see in October. These are just suggestions, but one thing is for certain and that is that Cash has to make some moves.

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