2018 Midseason Yankee Awards: MVP and Best Pitcher

The most valuable player is a guy who is the most reliable and talented player. As well as, being able to lead the team to wins. This player can be on the mound or at the plate. This player is dominant every time his number is called. Even when he is half of himself he is still better then most pitchers. The best pitcher at the halfway point as well as Most Valuable Player is Luis Severino.

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Sevy is having a career year. He is currently 14-2 (1st in MLB) with a 2.31 ERA (Top 5 in AL) and a .875 W-L% (1st in MLB). He has also started 20 games this season which is the best in baseball. He has a 1.0 WHIP and leads MLB in other areas as well and ranks in the top ten in just about every category.  Severino has also pitched 4 no decisions, meaning overall the Yankees are 18-2 with Sevy on the mound. As unique as this sounds, as the game goes on, he gets better. His average pitch speed in innings 1-4 is 96.7 MPH, his average pitch speed in innings 5-9 is 97.1 MPH. This has all been so incredible that there is a very high chance Sevy starts for the AL in the all star game.

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Off the field Sevy is a Ace as well. He rallies the pitching staff and is one of the most passionate pitchers in the game. He pitches every game like he never will again and that is the best thing to look for from the best pitcher in your organization. Severino could make a run at the Cy Young Award and may even see some votes for MVP. This season he has proven that he is deserving to be considered as one of the games best.

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