2018 Midseason Yankee Awards: Biggest Surprise

Every season someone shocks and makes some noise. As anyone who has read any of my articles or knows me, they know I am not one to go with the safe pick. Although guys like Miguel Andujar and Aaron Hicks have been great, one smaller known name who has become very reliable to the Yankees comes to mind. This player put on some incredible performances in Scranton and has turned the corner this season. The Yankees bullpen has been great but with injuries and guys like Tommy Kahnle disappointing someone needed to step up.

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Meet Jonathan Holder. After having been caught up in the Scranton shuffle for the past year, he┬áhad to earn his spot and keep it. Jonathan has done just that to the tune of a 1.85 ERA in 39 Innings of work. He has a .821 WHIP and 34 strikeouts. Jonathan Holder has shut down hitters this year. Holder has become a reliable fixture in this bullpen. Holder isn’t a big name that is all over the headlines like the other guys but he has surprised me and many others. Andujar and Hicks were guys at least I expected to breakout. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted this kind of breakout season from Holder.

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Jonathan Holder has had a great first half and looks primed for a great second one. Holder has broke down the door and pitched himself into becoming a fixture in the bullpen. Behind guys like Chapman, Betances, Green, Warren, Robertson and now Holder, the bullpen and power bats are easily the two biggest assets to the Yankees and there success so far this season.

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