2018 Midseason Yankee Awards: Best Position Player

On a team as good as the Yankees there is a lot of talent. Especially in this lineup that may be one of, if not the best in all of baseball. One hitter though, is reliable, gets on base, hits for average and for power and overall is a huge asset to the team. This batter is consistently the best hitter on the team and plays gold glove caliber defense as well. He is set to make his 2nd all star appearance in only his second season. He will start for the second straight year as well. The player who is the best hitter at the halfway point is… Aaron Judge.

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Aaron Judge currently bats a solid .277 with 60 RBIs and 25 HRs. The more impressive stats start with a .394 OBP which is really good. The craziest stat is his .941 OPS which is incredible. Judge is the best hitter in the lineup when being ahead in the count. His WAR is currently at 5.1 which is very very good.

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Judge has proven now for the second straight year, that he is the most reliable hitter on the squad. Since the captain retired there was a lack of a true leader on the field and in the clubhouse. Until Judge showed up. He is one of the best homegrown players the Yankees have ever produced along with Sevy. Aaron is a leader who says all the right things like Jeter. He is a good leader and overall one of the most talented players in all of baseball.

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