With the 23rd Pick in the MLB Draft, the New York Yankees Select…

Anthony Seigler, a switch hitting catcher out of Cartersville High School in Georgia; oh, and he’s also a switch pitcher! The Yankees envision him as a catcher moving forward, though.

What’s exciting about Seigler is that he projects to have an impact both offensively and defensively as a catcher. Scouts have pointed to Seigler’s athleticism as a sticking point to him being a catcher long-term. Also, in looking at a couple of mock drafts (here and here), Seigler basically went where he was supposed to.

Its tough to get crazy excited about the MLB Draft, unless you’re at the top of the draft with a “can’t miss” talent, but here’s to hoping the kid is the real deal and we get to see him in pinstripes at some point in the future!



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