Time to Reintroduce the Drury

I tried hard to give Neil Walker the benefit of the doubt to turn it around. Occasionally, I’d even defend the guy and say something to the effect of “he didn’t have a spring training and deserves a little slack.” Well, after three months of a less than stellar slash line of .192/.270/.269, it’s officially time to pull the plug on the Walker experiment.

With Brandon destroying the minors (.320/.429/.491), here’s my five step plan to fast-track the “Muffin Man” (h/t Jimmy) back to the Bronx:

  1. DFA Walker
  2. Call up *cringes* Tyler Austin for two weeks to replace his spot and platoon with Bird at first
  3. That creates the opening at AAA for… (see below)
  4. Drury EVERYDAY at first base for those two weeks
  5. After two weeks, call up Drury and send down Austin

The only less-than-palatable part in my plan is seeing Austin back up here. However, with Greg Bird struggling MIGHTILY, the Yankees can get away with platooning Austin against lefties for a handful of games. Also, the timing is sort of fun because Joe Kelly and the Red Sox are coming to town this weekend…

It’ll relegate Drury some, who deserves regular at bats, to a mostly platoon situation and give rest to Miguel Andujar at third base. But at least he’ll be back up where he belongs; bottom line is that the guy needs to be up sooner rather than later.



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