Q&A With Future WWE Superstar Jacob Kasper

Meet Jacob Kasper one of the top college wrestlers in the country. Jacob has been compared by top recruiters to John Cena and Brock Lesnar. You may not know who this guy is now but Jacob Kasper will be known soon. After hearing about Jacob through various wrestling media, I decided to reach out to Jacob.

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Me: When Did You Start Wrestling? and Why?

Jacob: I started competing in the sport of wrestling as early as three or four years old. My dad was the coach for the local junior high so he always had us around his wrestlers and wrestling. Actually my first exposure to the sports entertainment industry was through his junior high wrestlers. I was even sleeping on the mats as early as 6 weeks old during his practices so I cannot remember any point of my life without wrestling, amateur or professional.

Me: What Was The College Recruiting Process Like?

Jacob: My college recruiting process was much different then most people’s because I was not highly ranked going into my senior year. I sent countless emails and made countless phone calls but very few coaches responded and most that did just told me I was not worthy of an admission spot. Fortunately I had high school teammates at Duke that vouched for me and my work ethic so the coaches reached out, They saw something in me that the other coaches must not have and gave me a shot. I am forever indebted to Coach Lanham and Coach Wissel for giving me that opportunity and the immense amount of time and effort they invested into me after.

Me: What ultimately led you to commit to Duke even though your from Ohio?

Jacob: I knew I wanted to wrestle in college, receive a world class education, and to do so on the highest competitive stage possible. Duke was the only NCAA D1 school to reach out to me and they showed an amount of loyalty as well as meeting all of the other previous criteria mentioned. Furthermore, the coaching staff and guys on the team made it feel like a family right away so it just felt meant to be from the start.

Me: How has your time at Duke prepared you for the future?

Jacob: Duke is an amazing place full of amazing people. To be constantly surrounded by peers, faculty, and alumni that are striving to be at the top of their field causes you to elevate your game in every aspect. My coaches pushed me to be the best wrestler possible, my professors pushed me to become the best student possible, alumni pushed me to network with world class people to see how they achieved success and how to stay hungry, my peers pushed me to balance everything: sleep, diet, workouts, school, community service, networking, social engagements and excel at all of them simultaneously. Duke also exposes you to a great deal of celebrities and media interactions so you quickly learn how to feel comfortable and operate in those environments.

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Me: How much has Gerald Brisco the legendary WWE recruiter had an impact on you?

Jacob: Mr. Brisco has had an immediate and strong impact on me from the moment we first made contact. He has helped prepare me for a possible WWE career in every way imaginable. In addition to fashion, athletic, academic, counsel, and financial literacy, he encouraged me to continue being myself and have fun with the process which was so very important.

Me: Outside of wrestling what do you enjoy to do?

Jacob: Outside of wrestling I enjoy working out. I like pushing myself to the point of exhaustion because you really learn who you are at that point. I follow the sport of MMA after forming relationships with Daniel Cormier and the entire AKA gym. I like wood working and being able to see what I can create from raw material with patience and hard work . I love hanging out with friends and surrounding myself with people who push me to be a better wrestler, student, brother, boyfriend, friend and ultimately person. I am constantly thrill seeking I love the feeling of being with your arms weak and stomach heavy because you are facing your fears, whether it be riding a bull, jumping off a cliff, riding roller coasters, performing in front of thousands of fans or whatever it may be. Lastly I love just spending time with my two dogs (England mastiffs) and my girlfriend.

Me: Overall what are Jacob Kaspers goals for the future?

Jacob: I will take the sports entertainment industry to unprecedented levels of success I terms of financial success, worldwide notoriety, and fan base loyalty. I will beat Goldberg and Undertaker’s streaks. I want to be the winningest wrestler in history, the best entertainer, and most times and longest champion. I will to not only headline wrestlemania but win again and again and again there. I will revolutionize the game and be remembered as the greatest ever. I will create a platform to inspire millions to show they can do whatever they set their minds to by doing the right things. I will show the world that is cool to not drink, smoke, or womanize. I will support underprivileged, disabled and less fortunate kids through all ways possible. I want to be a strong father, husband, brother and son that my family is proud of.


I want to thank Jacob for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to me. Jacob will be very successful in his future and wherever he goes I have no doubt he will be one of the best.

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