Good for Ovi

After years of playoff heartbreak, Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals have finally won a Stanley Cup. I’m not going to lie, I hate the Caps and was rooting pretty hard for the Vegas Golden Knights to pull off the unthinkable as an expansion team. However, I do love watching all-time great players cementing and validating their legacies with a championship. Ovechkin is arguably the greatest scorer of this generation and to see him get over the hump, and lift Lord Stanley’s Cup, was truly special. Now it is time for me to get sad and bitter!

As a Rangers fan, my one wish is for Henrik Lundqvist to win a Cup. And with a rebuild firmly underway, the window for the 36 year old “Hank” to reach the pinnacle of the sport is becoming bleaker by the second. Yes, the Rangers and Lundqvist have had their chances; the 2011-2014 seasons encapsulated deep playoff runs including two Eastern Conference Finals and a Stanley Cup Finals. However, the Cup still alludes #30 and the Blueshirts during his 13 years, and counting, with the team.

What hurts is that, up until last night, Ovi and Henrik have had essentially the same career arc: both generational, face of the franchise for a decade plus, all-time great, hall of fame caliber players without a Cup to show for their sterling careers. For a while, it felt good to have a “misery loves company scenario” with the two, from my fan lens.

Cheers to Ovi on the well-deserved Cup but I’m sad/jealous/frustrated/bitter for Henrik. I PRAY he gets one before he goes into the rafters at MSG, I just fear he’ll suffer the same fate as a certain #33 banner in blue and orange hanging in the Garden, as well


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