Yankees Look To Respond vs Astros

The first game of the series vs. the Astros was skewed for Houston. Sending a 25 year-old with 4 starts in his career vs a 6-time All-Star in Justin Verlander is no easy task. It wasn’t impossible to win, but it was very unlikely. Justin was sharp throughout the game, making one mistake vs. Greg Bird in the bottom of the 7th inning. But besides that, Verlander was Verlander. The Astros defeated the Yankees 4-1 on Memorial Day. These things happen.

In order for the Yankees to make a push for #28 this year, they are going to have to rely on their hitting. They have power for days, and will need to show it off vs Houston’s excellent starting pitching. Tonight they will have to buckle down vs. a hurler they know well in Charlie Morton. It just so happens that Morton has been pitching off the charts this year; he is tied for wins in the American lead, and his ERA is 2nd to his teammate Justin Verlander.

However, there is hope tonight for the Pinstripes. They are sending their veteran CC Sabbathia to the mound to quell the momentum that Houston picked up yesterday. If we know anything about CC, it’s that he gets up for big games; It may be only be May 29th, but this is practice for October. Because when it is said and done, there is a high chance that these two rosters will face off in the postseason.

All in all, these are the games that will used as confidence builders in the future. While the Bombers get healthy and learn about their new young hitters, they still have to look composed throughout all facets of the game. Because the defending champions have no time to worry about other teams’ feelings. They are looking to repeat, and are taking no prisoners.

First pitch tonight at 7:05. Have a great day.


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