Harden’s Time To Blast Off

James Harden has been one of the most consistent players in the NBA over the past few years. Since separating from KD and Russ, he has shown the world what he is capable of. Houston knew he was their star so they got Chris Paul to support him. Then he preceded to light up the NBA this season in route to a potential MVP and a potential finals appearance.

Although I’m not Lebron’s biggest fan, it’s clear to me that he should win MVP based on what he’s done with minimal talent in Cleveland behind him.  Although Harden has been phenomenal this year, he had one guy with him who is easily one of the best point guards in the game today. That being He also has Clint Capela and Eric Gordon behind him but neither have had as big of an impact on Houston as Paul has. Without CP3, Houston most likely wouldn’t have held the number one seed or even made it this far in the playoffs.

The basketball gods must love the Warriors because Chris Paul has been diagnosed with a hamstring strain that will likely keep him out for Game 6 and most likely 7 depending on the severity. Now Harden heads to the Oracle Arena to take on 4 stars without Paul who has been a huge factor in the conference finals so far. Although it sucks to see Paul go down, this can be how Harden states his claim for MVP. I think it’s a tight race that could be blown wide open if Harden makes the conference finals with basically the same team he had last year, especially if he pulls off a win in The Oracle.

Not only would pulling off the upset in the last two games be impressive for the fact that he would beat 4 superstars but it would also show how much Harden has grown as a player the last few seasons. The mountain he will have to climb to win a ring and maybe even an MVP award will be a tall one that might be to tall for anyone to climb this season though. Here’s to hoping Harden can pull it off!

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