Gleyber Good & Andujar Awesome

The Baby Bombers of 2017 are all grown up and now is a new chapter.

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The highly touted prospect Gleyber Torres was finally called up and has been on fire since. He hit his first of many homers in his career and has flashed the glove and bat that many said will make him a star. Gleyber is good, really good. He tore up the minors and has come up to the show and been awesome. Lately I have seen a lot of Jeter type play in him.

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Now about Andujar. Miguel Andujar the stud third baseman has flashed potential all over the diamond. Andujar has hit .290 with 13 RBIs. Andujar has been phenomenal and with a big decision coming up he has proven himself. Boone soon has to decide Drury or Andujar, and I think it’s clear. It is time for Andujar to be the main third baseman. Andujar hit a walkoff tonight in style. As I messaged Jimmy that I finished an article, I told him I would soon be writing this and then it happened.


The guy who brought me and Jimmy together for a chance meeting, continued to dominate with a walkoff. Andujar had to be the guy to tie it all together.

More names may appear and shock us fans like Domingo German or Clint Frazier’s return but one thing is for certain. These guys have shown up, knocked down the door and lit the Bronx on fire.

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