Shipping Up To Boston

Only a feeble man would brag or worry 10 games through a 162 game season. Yet it seems as though the hype for the season has turned us into savages.


Lets talk about the Red Sox first. They may be 8-1, but lets look at the teams they have played.

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Additionally, when Matt Duffy is the best hitter they have faced so far how much credit can we really give them?

As for the Yankees, they lost a few games in extra innings but they are RIDDLED with injuries and are still absolutely fine. When you have a lineup consisting of Judge, Giancarlo, Gary and Didi you have a chance to win any game no matter who the opposing starter is. It just so happens that the best pitcher in the A.L. is facing us tonight. But we got Sevy on the mound. There is no reason we can’t squeeze out a W.

Let’s have a little faith in this team. After what they did last season, it’s the least we can do.


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