Miggy, Miggy, Miggy, We Can See!

Miguel Andujar’s first 14 games of the 2018 season have gotten Yankees fans hypnotized. You know? Being associated with Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio level of being hypnotized:

No doubt it’s early but the reports were that Miggy’s bat was always major league ready and now we’re seeing that. His fielding at third base hasn’t been even close to a liability, either. There’s good reason to be excited Andujar and it will be interesting to see what his ceiling could be.

His comparison throughout the minors was Jose Bautista, which is an enormous compliment. I don’t think that’s accurate for two reasons: 1) I don’t see him as a patient hitter and 2) nor do I see Miggy as a true 40 homer guy the way Joey Bats is. I think his comparison should be a poor man’s Adrian Beltre minus the Gold Glove caliber defense, of course. Hovering around 25-30 homers, not striking out a ton and a solid average is more than reasonable once Miggy really figures things out. Those right there are the ingredients to a borderline all-star.

This is also a great development when it comes to Manny Machado and the loaded 2018 free agent class. Personally, I’d like to use a fraction of that money elsewhere (i.e. pitching – more on that later), keep the kids and explore other ways to add talent to this budding juggernaut.

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