Is Tomorrow Gleyber Day?

We know this day is coming, its inevitable. Gleyber Torres, the Crown Jewel of the Yankees farm system and MLB’s fifth overall prospect, could be up any day, hopefully tomorrow(!), now that his service time isn’t a factor anymore. The Yankees brass has been saying the politically correct statements when it comes to the highly anticipated 21 year old. Make no mistake, though, he is ready and is just what this team needs.

I’ve had enough of Tyler Austin, Neil Walker and Tyler Wade in starting roles. Those guys are best used as part-time players, not in meaningful, medium-ish sized roles. The triumvirate has felt like automatic outs for quite some time now. Gleyber, who is batting .372 in 12 games at AAA, would add a much needed contact bat to a power heavy lineup.

If the call doesn’t happen soon, I’m not sure how its really justified. Take the cases of Nick Senzel (#7 prospect) and Ronald Acuna (#2 prospect), for example. The Reds and Braves, respectively, have come out and said they’re waiting for their wunderkinds to catch fire a bit before calling them up, which is justifiable. Both teams no longer need to worry about the service time issue, either, so its just a matter of time, as well. In Gleyber’s case, he is ready and would come up with established confidence.

I cannot wait for ‘Gleyber Day’ much longer. The kid deserves to be up and I expect it on this home stand at some point. Once he’s up, we’re a Greg Bird recovery away from this:

LF – Gardner

RF – Judge

DH – Stanton

SS – Didi

C – Gary

1B – Bird

3B – Andujar

2B – Gleyber



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