Final QB Rankings Before The NFL Draft

1. Sam Darnold USC

This is after weeks of deliberation and, even having Rosen at one when I started this. I like Rosen and Darnold a lot. These two are very talented. I have my reasons for both guys to be at one. After weighing it back and forth I went with Darnold. Darnold shocked me at the Rose Bowl two years ago when he faced Penn State. Then this season he had issues with turnovers. After not throwing at the combine, all eyes were on him at the USC pro day, and he delivered. He did phenomenal and had one of the greatest pro days in recent memory(for QBs). Darnold has things he needs to fix but he has the star quality that can not be ignored.

2. Josh Rosen UCLA

Rosen is a great player. He has tons of potential, and I really like him. He is the safe pick at QB, he is a reliable pocket passer and is not to flashy. He has potential to be a phenomenal QB. With all of this said, I changed my mind about him. He is a smart guy but he is cocky and has injury issues. I said when I was writing my opinion on Darnold, that I went back and forth between Darnold and Rosen for one. I have had Rosen as high as one and as low as three, in my rankings. He has made a lot of comments about his potential, next season we will see if he can put his money where his mouth is.

3. Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 

Baker may be the QB with the best future in this class. Baker is a polarizing player but you have to love his passion, drive and talent. Mayfield is phenomenal on the field and led Oklahoma to two playoffs. Additionally, he won the Heisman last season. If you would like to read more about Baker check out my Broadway Baker article.

4. Josh Allen Wyoming

Josh has one of the best arms I have ever seen. He has potential to shock the league in the future. The biggest issue with Allen is accuracy. Accuracy can be worked on. If Allen gets his accuracy issues fixed, he is a guy who could be a star in this league. The other thing is he has no common sense. He scored a 37 on the Wonderlic test. To put that in perspective he out tested Russel Wilson and Peyton Manning. A report also came out that he got stuck in one of those doors that go in circles at the combine. He also introduced himself to John Elway and called him Mr. Marino. I am not saying the intellectual stuff is an issue, trust me my parents say I have no common sense either. I honestly just thought that story was funny and wanted to share it. Anyways, Allen comes in at number 4.

5. Lamar Jackson Louisville 

Lamar is a former Heisman winner. You wold never have known he won a Heisman the way the media talks about him. He has been told time and time again that he needs to switch his position. To play in the NFL you need to be very talented, to play Quarterback you have to be even more talented. I personally think Jackson has a 50/50 chance of being a great QB. Overall Jackson is a polarizing player and a phenomenal athlete.

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