Does it Even Matter Who the Knicks Hire as Head Coach?

In the micro sense, it does not matter who the Knicks hire as Head Coach. Talent is what wins in the NBA and the Knicks are bereft of it. The Knicks need some luck in the worst way: specifically, if its in the form of: “winning” a top five lottery pick in the top-heavy NBA draft, Frank Ntilikina developing into a decent offensive player, Kristaps Porzingis coming back healthy from the ACL injury or, just maybe, a true, marquee free agent choosing to don the blue & orange. Any combination of those scenarios could drastically alter the future (and fortune) of the Knicks as a franchise. Unfortunately, this is the Knicks we’re talking about. “Pipe dreams” and “what-ifs” are all we’ve talking about for the better part of the past 15 years!

Now, to the macro sense of the coin. Unless meaningful (Yes, I’m looking at you, Emanuel Mudiay)  talent is brought onto this roster, the Knicks have no chance of being remotely relevant. That, effectively makes the Knicks vacancy *gasp!* a dead end job.  Trust me, I would love for a David Blatt/Jerry Stackhouse/David Fizdale/JVG/Mark Jackson/Mike Woodson to be brought on and be successful here. At the absolute best end of the spectrum, the new Knicks coach would be a great developer of talent, primarily, in the guard department, and actually give a shit about the defensive side of the ball. Its a shame, though. The next Knicks coach could even do a fine job of developing players but not reflect that in the win column, get bounced and watch someone else take the team to that next level.

Ultimately, I think its a three-horse race between Blatt, Stackhouse and Fizdale with Fizdale getting the job. In my perfect world, if the Knicks were closer to competing and contending, I’d want JVG or Frank Vogel to get the spot. But this is most definitely not a perfect world, and there I go, talking about what-ifs and pipe dreams again…

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