Defending Dellin

Dellin Betances is struggling. Point. Blank. Period. His confidence is shot, he’s become hittable and runners on base are salivating the second they get on, carrying over the issues that plagued him from the final months of last season and in the playoffs. Is it all bad despite an 8.10 ERA, 1.85 WHIP, 10 hits, three homeruns in 6.2 innings? I think not and hear me out.

Dellin’s K/9 rate, 16.2, is actually higher than his career average of 14.5. His walk rate, 4.1, is also lower than two of the past four seasons and at his career average. How I interpret those numbers is this: his stuff is still is there, its just not being controlled within the strike zone well and he’s being hit real hard for it. Yes, Dellin has struggled mightily before but he should not be given up on – both by manager Aaron Boone and the fans.

If the Yankees want to get to where the want to be – you know, the World Series? Dellin Betances needs to be part of the equation. Can you name a non-closer that has ever been named to four consecutive All-Star games before? I can and his name is Dellin Betances.

Dellin will adjust, he’s got too much talent, and pedigree, not to. He’s been dominant for seasons now and getting hit like this is definitely unfamiliar territory and discouraging. Low leverage situations should be his main outings in the interim until he builds up his confidence back up. Can’t wait until he’s back to his dominant self and shutting people up, again. (Looking at you, Randy Levine.)  I have faith in the man, and so should you!

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