Bronx West Was Burning

9 Straight Wins for the Pinstripes. They are firing on all cylinders and have little to no problems on the current roster. This is what we call an embarrassment of riches. The Baby Bombers (Andujar & Torres) have shown they can slip right in and not only fill spots but exceed expectations.

Andujar is currently tied in Major League Baseball with the most doubles and his potential hasn’t even scratched the surface. 

Additionally, the “veterans” are taking pitches and taking names. The Yankees lead baseball with the most runs scored and at the end of the day if you score more than the other team, you’re going to win. 

Moreover, the bullpen is pitching great. If we can nitpick, Sonny Gray is having a rough go at this young season but he’ll turn it around as the the weather warms up. 

All in all, the Yankees will have to make some decisions coming up. Will they DFA Neil Walker when Greg Bird comes back? Will Brandon Drury find a way back into the powerful lineup? Do we even need a hitting coach? Time will tell. For now, we just watch the power in the lineup and thank our lucky stars that we are Yankees fans. Tonight starts the real test vs Altuve and the Astros. Let’s have a great week., ???. 

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