Yankees & Red Sox To Play 2 In London & People Are Losing Their Damn Mind

People are freaking out. Freaking out like Freaky Friday and I’m friggin’ fine with the decision. Is it the best move I’ve ever heard of? No, but when you put the most popular rivalry i in Europe you grow the game.

That’s what the commish is trying to do. Make money and reach eyeballs. I consider myself a huge America guy but lets not act like putting Judge and Giancarlo in a stadium where people eat crepes all day isn’t going to astonish them. The Yankees and Red Sox play 19 games every year against each other and neither of these teams have trouble selling tickets.

Moreover, the flight is only 6 hours. It’s the equivalent of a West Coast trip for both teams. Stop complaining about every little decision being made. Purists might hate this take but they are the ones that also act like this is gonna change their lives. Grow up.

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