Tyler Wade Has Made The Yankees 25 Man Roster – 25 in 25

Well well well. Talk about a guy who defied all odds to get on the roster this season. Wade has just 55 major league at-bats but this quote from Aaron Boone say it all.

“It seems like every day, he’s impacted the game. I think the utility part of  just adds to his value. He’s such a good athlete and the ability to move all around is something that’s going to really benefit him and us, not only this year but hopefully in years to come.’’

This is how you make a roster. You impress your manager in all assets of the game. Considering his weakness is batting and he hit .310 in Scranton last season I’m not worried about the guy. Additionally he worked out with Albert Pujols a good amount this off-season and Pujols helped him with his confidence and hitting inside pitches.

I have no problem with the move. Second and third base will be extremely interesting this year. But the good news is that we have a plethora of guys to go to. Congrats T-Wade (your new nickname). Insert Dwayne Wade dunking on a guy with Tyler Wade’s head.

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