Top 5 O-Linemen In The 2018 Draft Class

When you have a snow day and it’s the scouting combine that’s a recipe for a day full of football. My first rankings after today are the O-Lineman. The class is talented there are many high potential projects in this class and there are also some plug and play guys that can be all stars. Here are my top 5 guys with comparisons.

Quenton Nelson G Notre Dame

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Pro Comparison: Zack Martin Cowboys

These Notre Dame guys can ball out on the o-line. Nelson is the second best player in this draft class in my opinion and is also one of the safest players in this class. He is vicious and quick off the ball. Nelson can fire off take a guy out and immediately go onto the next guy and take them out. He’s also a high character guy that knows his value. He said yesterday he believes he can be a top 5 Pick and he should be. Nelson is a guy who will be in this league for awhile.He is built similar to Zack Martin and they both have the ability to change a play with their skills.

Will Hernandez G UTEP

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Pro Comparrison: Marshall Yanda Ravens

Hernandez is a big physical guard. He does have decent athleticism and agility but nothing over the top. Hernandez is a guy who will be a very good starter and can be an immediate impact player on the Oline. A lot of things I’ve read say he’s like Richie Incognito but I see a lot of Marshall Yanda In him in the way he’s built and I think he has higher potential then both guys. Hernandez is a guy who will be an all star one day I think. He’s a guy who can be a force on whatever team drafts him.

Kolton Miller OT UCLA

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Pro Comparison: Joe Staley 49ers

I seem to be the only person who thinks his combine was not a fluke. I read his scouting reports and people say his tape doesn’t match up with what he did today but I disagree. When Miller is on the money he is a beast. He proved today he’s worthy of a pick in the first 3 rounds. Miller is a guy others are low on but if one guy gives him his shot he’ll be potential top tackle in this league for years to come.

Desmond Harrison OT West Georgia 

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Pro Comparison: Donald Penn Raiders

Mike Mayock says it best, “He’s a boom or bust prospect.” He’ll either go down as one of the biggest steals of the draft or fail. He’s fast, agile and at one point in the drills today he almost trucked a guy on to the ground by barely even taping them. Harrison is a guy who reminds me of Penn just because of the build. He’s also a guy who can be a potential reliable starter for a team within two years.

Connor Willams OT Texas

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Pro Comparison: Jake Matthews Falcons

Connor’s a great guy when you hear his story it’s inspiring. He wrote a piece on called, Thank You To My Bully’s. He used to be bullied for his size but then he turned his weight into muscle and became a top Offensive lineman and he’s a fantastic player all around. Williams will be a productive player in this league for years to come.


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