Tiger is in the Hunt at the Valspar Championship

This week’s tournament is down in Florida outside of Tampa at The Copperhead Course at Innisbrook.  A course that my dad reminds me every single year that he played once, like 19 years ago.  This is another really awesome course and has been a regular stop on Tour for decades.  The Copperhead course is very unique to Florida featuring a lot of elevation changes and tree lined, tight, dog legged, fairways.  Almost like a northeast course that was transplanted down to the Sunshine State.

Along with the unique course features, Copperhead has an interesting course lay out as well.  It boasts four par-5’s and five par-3’s leaving only nine par-4’s on the course.  When winds are up the course difficulty increase drastically with water in play on five of the eighteen holes.  Players don’t usually have large blow up holes but there are a lot of holes where a mediocre approach shot can easily end in bogey.  Last part of this course to talk about is the greens.  They are small, they are hard to hit, and they heavily guarded by sand.This course has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 of most difficult courses on Tour.

The last three holes at The Copperhead are known as “The Snake Pit”.

The 16th is a 475 yard par-4 dogleg right and is called “The Moccasin” which I guess is some kind of poisonous snake or something, you’ll see a theme unfold.  Not a terribly long par-4 but there is water in play down the entire right side which makes a solid tee shot necessary.  Again if the wind is up then this hole plays a lot more difficult with it’s tight pine-lined fairway.

The 17th is a 215 yard par-3 and is called “The Rattler”.  The green, like me, is pear shaped and heavily guarded by bunkers.  One of the higher stress inducing tee shots as you are forced to carry a long iron 200+ yards while the pressure is really on.

The 18th is a 445 yard par-4 called “Copperhead” (that’s the name of the course!) and it starts with an uphill tee shot to a semi-blind approach.  Again, this hole’s fairway is narrowed by pines and bunkers and it also features a large sand trap in the front of the green, which is super fast from back to front.

Here’s a convenient little video to get you caught up on yesterday’s action.

Oh yeah and this Canadian is leading the field.

Here’s the leaderboard going into the final round.

So for the third week in a row we have a bunch of house hold names chasing a relatively unknown.  Corey Connors may not be very well known name to the average golf fan but he can fucking ball.  You have Justin Rose and Tiger Woods chasing you around the course during the third round and you make six birdies?  Ballin.

Coverage begins at 3 on NBC.  I’m going to say Justin Rose pulls this one out at the end.

Obligatory Tiger Porn:


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