The Wolf’s POS Of The Week

I know this is not sports related but I came across this on twitter and just became furious. Who wants to get mad on a Sunday? Come home from the gym after some cardio, put my feet up and turn on college hoops and I scroll upon this tweet on my timeline. Autumnwood Nursing Home in Livonia, Michigan is FUCKED! No doubt this takes place a lot more often than one would hope, but this family got smart and put in a camera. Oh technology is such a great thing! The worker has since been fired, thank god. Maybe these nursing homes should install their own cameras in each residents room. Might go against their privacy, but would be the only way to see how their employees work.

It takes a lot to make me mad, and this video did it. If I was the son of this elderly man, she wouldn’t know what was about to hit her.

Back to sports now….It is selection Sunday after all!

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