Thank You Tyrod

Not Drew Bledsoe. Not J.P. Losman. Not Trent Edwards. Not Ryan Fitzpatrick. Not EJ Manuel. Not Kyle Orton. Those six quarterbacks amongst other scrubs on the Bills roster could not lead the team from Buffalo into the playoffs. Tyrod Taylor did though. Sure the numbers weren’t always pretty, and the passes were not always on point, but he did it. Tyrod Taylor helped end a 17 year drought.

You can’t question his work ethic, his toughness, and most importantly his character. Not once during his tenure with the Bills did you read about Tyrod being arrested, choking a women, or packing heat at a night club. Tyrod adapted the Buffalo culture and worked for everything he earned.

Was this the right move? Some will say yes, and some will say no. For those that are happy with this move, they have plenty to be excited about. The Bills acquired the Browns 65th overall pick, giving the Bills two picks in the first three rounds in this years draft. They also cleared just over $10 million in cap space for the 2018 season. All signs point to the Bills now trading up in the draft and selecting that franchise quarterback.

Oh so those fans that weren’t happy with the trade, try selling them that any of these quarterbacks are “franchise” quarterbacks. In 11 games, Josh Allen threw just 1,812 passing yards and just 16 touchdowns at Wyoming. Josh Rosen put up some decent numbers at UCLA, and for Sam Darnold, any quarterback that comes out of USC recently struggles at the next level. That leaves us with Baker Mayfield. The six foot quarterback brings that moxy and that grit that Bills fans would gravitate towards.

But back to Tyrod. Thank you for ending this 17 year drought and giving us Bills fans true hope again. Thank you for being a stand out in the community and everything else you did during your time in the 716. It will never be forgotten.

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