Thank You, Jets! – From A Giants Fan?

Thanks to the Jets, the Giants are now in position to do the right thing – which is to take a QB at #2 in the NFL Draft.

The Jets have effectively put the pressure on the Giants, by trading up to the #3 pick, to take a QB and I love it! The Giants simply cannot pass on a QB and allow him to fall into the Jets’ hands. The backlash of watching a Josh Rosen/Sam Darnold /Josh Allen flourishing at Metlife in a Gang Green jersey should scare the Giants to death.  So, if Dave Gettleman has conviction on one of those said QBs, the decision is easy. You take one.

I would take Rosen over Darnold, if I had my choice but its close, for sure. Especially with the offensive line seeing an upgrade in Nate Solder and Patrick Ohmameh, Rosen projects to be the better pocket passer given time.

Yes, Saquon Barkley is tantalizing and could be the next great RB that takes the NFL by storm. And, yes, Quenton Nelson could solidify the left side of the Giants offensive line for at least the next five years at an all-pro level and beyond. I can talk myself into believing that either pick is great and further keeps the Giants in win now mode. But, make no mistake, the Giants should 100% take a QB at 2.

I don’t want the Giants to be the Jets, Broncos or Bills, having to chase a young, franchise QB with assets or money. The worst place to be in the NFL, or sports, really, is mediocre and consistently searching for that next QB which takes years (see: Jets, Broncos & Bills among others) to correct. If, and only if, the conviction isn’t there for Gettleman, then the Giants should be open for business and shop the #2 pick the highest bidder (see: Broncos and Bills)…

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