Is Bird Still The Word?

Oh boy! Greg Bird is down again. Unfortunately, the foot he hurt is the same one he injured for four months last season. I feel so bad for Bird, he has shown so many glimpses of potential to be phenomenal when healthy. Bird now falls for the first 2 months of the year. In 2016 it was his shoulder. In 2017 it was his foot and 2018 the same. In 2015 he hit .261 with 11 HRs, 31 RBIs, a .343 OBP in only 157 at bats.

The idea was that Greg Bird would be in a perfect situation for success with murders row cushioning him. Now he wont be back until at least June. I hope for the sake of his career that he turns this around because the Yankees are a team with lots of depth that can be flipped for a stud first baseman. The thing is many fans have now given up on Bird but he has so much talent and if he is traded he will become a stud for another team.

So now what, how do you replace a guy for two months or maybe more. Well there are really only two options and out of the box options that I would love to see but wont happen.

Neil Walker

Neil was a surprising addition that now pays off because he is the likely choice for this spot. He has some pop and he is a solid player, he is new to first base but he could pick it up. The thing is Walker has kinda fallen off in the past couple years after injuries. Walker will most likely be the guy in the lineup in less then 48 hours. I would love to see them use this though as an opportunity for one of the next two guys.

Tyler Austin

Tyler gets passed over a lot and it sucks cause there have been times were he, like Bird showed potential. Not many people remember this, but before Judge launched his first homer, Austin ripped one and the story was that they could be the future. I would love to see Austin get a shot over the next couple months, just to see whats there, and maybe if there is value in a trade.

Clint Frazier

Okay, so this sounds very wild but here me out. Patty wrote an article a little while ago about moving Clint to third. So I am gonna take it a step further. He used to play third in the past so he can play at a corner spot. Clint is at a different position similar to Headley and Walker. He can learn, I know that sounds easier then it is but he has a lot of potential at the plate and he could add a bigger pop then Austin and Walker. I would love to see this happen for Clint and for the Yankees. Clint can go to Triple A when he recovers and if all goes well he could have a place on the roster in the future.


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